Meet Jay from JL Designs and Joey from Joeyshobbies - Creators of a Unique Business

Jay, the creative mind behind JL Designs, has been a self-starter with big dreams since his youth. He embarked on a journey crafting personalized wedding rings with rare materials like meteorites and opal stones, venturing into laser engraving to expand his creative horizons. 

On the other side is Joey, the owner of Joeyshobbies. With a dreamer's heart and a self-starter's spirit, Joey pursued a business education at Seton Hall University's Stillman School of Business. He carved his niche in the e-commerce world, specializing in Pokémon collectibles through Joeyshobbies. and raving customer service.

These two driven individuals, each with their unique businesses, joined forces to create a small business that blends creativity and commerce. Jay's craftsmanship at JL Designs and Joey's expertise with Joeyshobbies merged, offering personalized craftsmanship and a growing collection of Pokémon items. Together, they've crafted a unique and exciting business that combines their individual talents and passion for what they do.

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